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The Archive for Mathematical Sciences and Philosophy holds an extensive collection of audio and video recordings on subjects in mathematics, physics and philosophy, particularly the philosophy and foundations of mathematics and the exact sciences recorded since the early 1970s.

In May 2008 it became a Charitable Trust under English Law. Its Charity Registration Number is 1141862. Details of its Trustees can be seen on the Page headed “Trustees”

This web site is currently undergoing radical reconstruction and will shortly be available in a new form with a greatly improved content management system and with the catalogue of the recordings completed back to 1996-97 and  with all the video recordings since that date and around 10,000 of the audio recordings finally viewable on line.

Why such an Archive ?

Such a large-scale archive of Conferences, Seminars, Discussions, Interviews and other oral material supplies a rich additions to the published records of the Sciences. Often it can also supply corrections of perspective with respect to those records.

Such recordings allow historians of science and mathematics to form a better appreciation of the background to the emergence of new ideas;  and also of the complex pattern formed by “roads not taken” – ideas which for whatever reason were laid aside, or apparently subsumed in other developments.  Those ideas  may later re-emerge in ways yielding a new perspective on those developments.  Such a rich archive of primary oral source material naturally aids historical study of the Sciences and the conceptual and philosophical questions to which they give rise.  But the benefits from an increased recognition of this oral dimension are not only benefits for the historian.  One other important aim of the Archive is to preserve and make available material which serves as a model for best practice in the teaching and exposition of mathematical and scientific subjects.